There are many types of Poker, but the most famous of all is undoubtedly Texas hold’em. Poker is a card game which has become hugely popular of the last few years. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it combines different factors. It’s not just luck or a little mathematical skill. It’s a proper game of psychology, bluffing and other mind games. That’s why watching it is as much fun as playing it, because it’s a proper show that happens in front of your eyes.

Skill, strategy and…

They call it skill and strategy, which partly is true, but the good poker player mostly masters one thing: himself. To make calculated decisions when there’s a lot at stake requires a particular type of personality. No amount of strategy or skill can beat this important factor. There are not many people that are in complete control of their emotions. Let’s be honest, it always, always shows how someone is really feeling. I suggest you to watch a couple of Poker tournaments just observing the players faces. You’ll easily start recognizing a pattern. Most of the time when people are nervous, or they see a bad card, or a great one, they can’t contain what that emotion is doing to your body. This is exactly why so many poker players wear sunglasses. They know that the eyes can’t lie.

The process

Most poker games work the same. It starts with a first round of betting. This happens with the other players on the table. The principle is simple. You place the bet in accordance to how you perceive you perceive your position in comparison to the other players. Your position in terms of the cards you have in your hands. This process continues clockwise by each player on the table. You must either match, call or fold. The explanation of each of these terms can be found on this site as well. If more than one player is still in the game in the last round, it’s time for a showdown. This is the moment where bluffing or any other trick is not going to help you. In a showdown you show your cards and the player with the highest value gets the pot.

Different kinds of poker

Other than the classic Texas hold’em, you might want to know what other versions are there to know about. Like we mentioned in the other articles, for the sake of changing up your strategy, it’s really good to know more than one type of poker variant. Let’s start for example with Stud poker. One of the main differences between Stud Poker and Texas hold’em is the amount of cards you get. In Stud poker that is 7, in Texas Hold’em it’s 2. You play 5 of the 7 cards in Stud Poker. The streets are 3-1-1-1-1 cards and 3-1-1 .As you can see, the principles are the same, just some differences in the form of the game. As you can imagine, it’s good for the mind to play these different types of poker to switch up strategy and understanding. Other than Texas Hold’em and Stud poker, there are a few more types worth mentioning. Draw poker, Pai gow poker, Flop poker and ofcourse… strip poker!